Events for the people affected by CHD

One of the main tasks for the association is to support children, young people and the families affected by CHD by arranging various types of events, courses, camps and meetings. The purpose of the courses and camps is to share a wide range of information about different heart conditions in the form of lectures from experts and professionals on the field of CHD, but first of all to give people tools and strength to tackle the everyday living with CHD. The focus is also in providing the peer contacts for the families and for the children and the young themselves.

The Finnish Association for Heart Children and Adults arranges annually multiple nationwide camps and events for the families, youngsters and heart children either funded by the association or by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) which is the main source of financing for third sector organisations in Finland.  

More details about our events  (in Finnish)

Contact the office for more information about events arranged by the association, tel. +358 9 752 752 75, toimisto(at)